Majestic Specialty Ingredients, Inc. is a broker and distributor of the highest quality ingredients that will be suitable for most of your application requirements.  The ingredients that we offer are Natural, Kosher, and Non-GMO.  We also offer some ingredients that are Certified Organic.

The ingredients offered by Majestic Specialty Ingredients will apply to products in the following categories: 

-  Food:  Conventional, Certified Organic, Organic
-  Functional: Beverage, Food
-  Beverage: Ready-to-Drink, Powder, Liquid
-  Nutritional:  Bars, Beverages
-  Savory Sauces, Soups, Dressings, Marinades, Dips
-  Ethnic:  Asian, Hispanic, Mediterranean, International Fusion Recipes
-  Nutraceutical:  Tablets, Capsules, Powder, Liquids
-  Dairy Applications: Butter, Yogurt, Cottage Cheese are just a few
-  Confection:  Hard Candy, Chews, Soft Candy, Chocolate
-  Bakery:  Cookies, Cakes, Bread
-  Vegetarian:  Meatless, Dairy and Non-Dairy
-  Vegan:  Meatless, Dairy-free, Allergen Free
-  Spice Blends:  Savory, Sweet, Fruit, Vegetable

These are just a few of the products that our ingredients have been used in successfully.  Please ask our sales representatives about specific ingredients that will meet your unique product requirements.